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In late 1996 Joel Schumacher hired Mark Protosevich to write a script for the cancelled Batman Triumphant.The main villian for the film would be Scarecrow.The script was supposed to have scarecrow bringing the Joker back to life.Harley Quinn was written as the Joker's daughter.George Clooney and Chris O' Donnell would come back for there roles.But,since Batman & Robin had bad reviews Warner Bros weren't sure about making Batman Triumphant.Warner Bros then thought about making a Batman Beyond live action project.Joel Schumacher felt he owed Warner Bros a great batman movie that was darker.So he approched Warner Bros with an idea for a Batman: Year One movie.Lee Shapiro pitched an idea for a script named Batman:DarKnight.The script was about Bruce Wayne giving up crime fighting and Robin attending college.Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow acting as a professor of psychology at the college.Also being a head psychatrist at Arkham Asylum to use his fear experiments.During a vengeful confrontion with a friend,Dr. Kirk Langstrom also known as Man-Bat.Crane unknowingly initiates Kirk's transformation into Man-Bat.Citizens of Gotham believe that Man-Bat is the return of batman.Bruce returns as batman 'to clear his name' and solve the mystery of Man-Bat.Kirk reunites to get revenge on Scarecrow while Crane gets revenge on the people who fired him from both Arkham and the college.In 2000 Scott Rosenberg cancelled the script for Batman: Year One.Then in mid 2000 Paul Dini,Neal Stephenson and Boaz Yakin were hired to write a script for the cancelled Batman Beyond movie.Warner Bros cancelled Batman Beyond.They decided to do Year One.


Darren Aronofsky was hired to write and direct Year One.Darren Aronofsky,who collaborated with Frank Miller on an unproduced script for Ronin, brought Miller to co-write Year-One with him. They wanted to re-boot the batman franchise.Aronofsky said that 'it's somewhat based on the comic book.Matthew Libatique the cinematographer approached Christian Bale for the role of Batman.In 2002 Warner Bros decided to abandon Batman:Year One and go with a project called Batman vs. Superman.

There was a cancelled J.J Abrams script called Superman: Flyby who McG was going to direct.Instead,he directed Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle.Warner bros then went to Wolfgang Peterson to direct Batman vs. Superman.When they got Wolfgang Peterson they holded on to Superman: Flyby.Akiva Goldsman had to re-write Batman vs. Superman.Akiva's draft had Bruce Wayne going through a mental breakdown with Dick Grayson,Alfred Pennyworth and Commissioner Gordon dead and Bruce's fiancee Elizabeth Miller becomes resolved with his depressed emotions.Clark Kent has a divorce with his wife Lois Lane.Clark is Bruce's very best friend and Clark is Bruce's best man.The Joker kills his wife at the honeymoon.Bruce plots revenge and Clark holds him back.Bruce blames Clark for his wife's death and the two start a feud.A part of the script takes place in Smallville where Clark goes into exile with his friend Lana Lang.Lex Luthor is actually responsible for the death of Elizabeth and they team up and catch him.

Both Christian Bale and Josh Hartnett turned down the roles for Batman Superman.Peterson left for Troy(2004).Warner Bros. decided to do Superman: Flyby and a Batman reboot.

In December 2002 Joss Whedon made an origin story called Aftermath with a Hannibal Lecter type villian in Arkham that Bruce Wayne went and studied with.Joss Whedon said it was set in Bruce's early days.It got negative feedback from Warner Bros.In early 2003 Warner Bros hired Christopher Nolan to make a batman reboot that would then be titled batman begins(2005)

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