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Batman creation

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After Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's Superman.The success of the character prompted editors at DC Comics to make more superheroes.Bob Kane made a character for Action Comics named the Bat-Man.Bill Finger remembered that Bob Kane made Batman.Bob Kane showed Bill Finger drawings of batman.Instead of his design today he had an original design with reddish tights,boots,no gloves,no gauntlets with a small domino mask,swinging on a rope.Batman had to stiff wings sticking out instead of a cape.Finger offered suggestions as giving Batman a cowl,a cape instead and blackish tights instead of reddish tights.Bill Finger got the name Bruce from Robert Bruce, the scottish patriot. Then, Wayne from Mad Antony Wayne.


Batman has been influenced by Zorro, the movie The Bat Whispers (1930) Doc Savage,The Shadow and Sherlock Holmes.The first Batman story was " The Case of the Chemical Syndicate in May 1939.Then,in 1940 Batman got his solo title.In November 1939 issue 39 batman's origin was revealed.In 1940 issue 38 Detective Comics it introduced the character Robin.

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